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Bitcoin Up After CBOE Futures Launch

The general feeling throughout the Bitcoin community in anticipation of the launch of Bitcoin futures was one of unease and uncertainty. Many individuals announced they were selling Bitcoin prior to today’s launch of Chicago Board Options Exchange’s Bitcoin futures, and many technical and fundamental analysts alike expected a sizable price drop in response to this Bitcoin milestone. While the introduction of Bitcoin on mainstream futures exchanges is a milestone for the cryptocurrency, many speculators …
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Wall Street Investors Diversify Their Crypto Portfolios, and You Should Too

It is an open secret that plenty of Wall Street experts are paying close attention to the various cryptocurrencies out there. Moreover, some people will gladly share their portfolios with the rest of the world. A recent CNBC broadcast revealed one investor’s portfolio and an interesting diversification strategy. Whether or not investing in these particular currencies is a smart decision remains to be seen. Cryptocurrency Diversification is Necessary It is never best to …
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Focus on Ethereum Is Good For Bitcoin and The Blockchain

Blockchain technology holds a lot of promise for just about any company in any industry today, as decentralization is something everyone can benefit from. Far too many businesses and facing with data breaches and database hacks, due to central points of failure. But whereas Wall Street seemed rather keen on Bitcoin as well as the blockchain, it looks like some investors are bailing on digital currencies and look for the …
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