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SingularDTV Introduces Central Governance Model CODE

SingularDTV, the first ever decentralized and tokenized TV & Film content production and distribution platform, is taking the best from both worlds and setting the precedent for future endeavors with their new governance model: Centrally Organized Distributed Entity, or CODE. The CODE will function like a DAO in terms of funding and revenue sharing, in which each token represents a share in said organization and is entitled to receive dividends …
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Bitcoin Video Platform PopChest Enables Chromecast Integration

Bitcoin enthusiasts will have heard of the PopChest platform before, as this platform is all about video content discovery. Content creators will be able to get paid with Bitcoin, as the platform acts as a pay-per-view initiative. PopChest Now Supports ChromeCast Consumers want to consume content wherever they are on whatever device they please, and the Chromecast is one of the more successful portable media players. Various video content platforms …
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