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Why Shieldcoin is on the rise – the race to anonymity

What is Shieldcoin? Shieldcoin is a new coin launched on July 8th. It features the X15 algorithm, PoW and PoS, and now the developer is working on a an implementation of anonymous transactions. Here are the basic specifications taken form bitcointalk.org: Algorithm: X15 POW/POSTicker: SHLDMax POW Coins: Approx 1,000,000 SHLDPoS Starts on Block 2500, Approx 3 Days MiningNo PremineBlock RewardsBlock 0 to 29 – 0 CoinsBlock 30 to 500 – 666 CoinsBlock 501 …
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Vertcoin introducing stealth addresses

Vertcoin As you may have already heard vertcoin (VTC) is a virutal currency that is based on the Scrypt-N (N factor Scrypt) algorithm. The average confirmation time is 2.43 minutes which is very similar to that of litecoin. While the mining algorithm might sound very similar to the one of Litecoin it is in fact very different. Scrypt-N means that once every couple years the N factor which regulates memroy …
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Most profitable way to mine with your GPUs

Depending on what you want to achieve with your mining rigs you have many options to choose from. In this article I will explain the different ways to mine bitcoins with your GPU mining rigs. If you are wondering whether you should mine using GPUs or ASICs please refer to THIS ARTICLE for an explanation. In this post I will assume that you have built a working GPU mining rig …
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