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Rollin.io, All The Eye Candy And Dice Fun For Your Bitcoin

Rollin.IO may look like a contemporary dice site on the outside. With the core mechanics the same, Rollin has gone for the tried and tested formula of Dice. However don’t be fooled as Rollin doesn’t attempt to stick to the conventions laid out by other dice sites as the site has opted for a much more modernised and sleek feel to make playing Dice a seamless and quick experience, which can’t …
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BREAKING NEWS! Paycoin reaches $20 in an unprecedented value increase

Ever since we started out as a news site, we have mostly focused on Bitcoin and general aspects of the cryptocurrency market, without covering much about altcoins, regardless of the fact that some are getting quite popular. However, ‘quite popular’ shouldn’t be the phrase used right here, as Paycoin has recently become astonishingly popular, in an unprecedented move that is bound to shock the cryptocurrency environment from all the points …
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