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Bitcoin Tips Are Being Integrated In New Streaming Platform

It is always good to see new companies build further on what other players before them have tried to establish. In the gaming world, Twitch is the number one platform for streamers and enthusiasts to hang out and meet. Otika.tv wants to take this concept one step further by integrating Bitcoin tips and other interesting features. Taking On Twitch And Youtube Red The brand new Otika.tv service – which is still …
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Kamcord Launches Mobile Game Streaming App – Bitcoin Support Imminent?

The video game streaming market is heating up all over the world. Even though platforms such as Twitch and Youtube Gaming are attracting a lot of interest from people who enjoy PC or console gaming, the mobile market is left out more often than not. Kamcord, a new streaming service launching in Korea and Japan later today, allows gamers to stream their favorite iOS and Android Apps. The future of …
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