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Tron Up More Than 130% Overnight, Enters Top 10

Cryptocurrency’s market cap top 10 has a new addition – Tron. The Chinese multimedia/entertainment platform jumped to record highs between the night of January 3 and the morning of January 4, cementing itself among crypto’s most valuable assets. Out With the Old, In With the New Come the morning of Thursday, January 4, Tron had supplanted Dash in crypto’s top ten rankings. At the time of writing, the asset is …
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Trading Bot Mistakenly Causes e-Gulden Pump

In an unregulated market such as cryptocurrency, bad actors and spontaneous events continually prey upon unknowing individuals. While the victims of these acts typically consist of naive and inexperienced individuals, even savvy traders sometimes find themselves duped by these ploys. Since last Thursday, McAfee Antivirus creator and eccentric cryptocurrency magnate has been tweeting a “coin-of-the-day” to his almost 500,000 followers on Twitter. The results of these daily tweets are exactly what one would …
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Lucien Chen, Big Data Expert from Tencent and Alibaba, to Join TRON

The TRON Foundation, based in Singapore, has announced the hiring of renown ‘Big Data’ expert Lucien Chen, who be responsible for the main blockchain development of TRON. Previously, Chen has worked for Tencent and Alibaba, and has officially joined the TRON team as Technical Lead, managing TRON’s global technical teams and arranging all project development schedules. Lucien Chen has served in many first-tier Internet companies, such as Netease (NASDAQ:NTES), Youdao, …
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