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Tron Founder Aims to Decentralize the Internet by Acquiring BitTorrent

Tron has been one of the more successful cryptocurrency projects over the past year. Despite not having launchedĀ a main net, the hype and expectations associated with Tron are very real. It now appears the founder of this cryptocurrency project is looking to buy BitTorrent Inc. That is a rather intriguing development, and a very strange decision by Justin Sun. Tron and BitTorrent Come Together ThereĀ has been no shortage of hype …
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Tron Price Makes a Strong Comeback Thanks to Solid Trading Momentum

There is still a fair amount of bearish pressure on the cryptocurrency markets as of right now. While all top currencies have noted overall gains in the past 24 hours, the one-hour candles look anything but impressive at this stage. Even so, the Tron price has noted some impressive gains, as its value has risen by just over 11%. A positive trend, although one that will be difficult to maintain. …
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Tron Foundation Completes $1.7 Million Airdrop to Ethereum Holders

Airdrops are becoming the new normal in the world of cryptocurrency. Owners of popular cryptocurrencies will regularly see some free tokens show up in their wallet, assuming they have control over that wallet at all times. The Tron team, for example, recently completed a 30 million TRX airdrop to the Ethereum community. Another Milestone for Tron The year 2018 will prove to be rather interesting for Tron if all things …
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