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Trinity Lock-up Program Closed with the Hard Cap Reached in Advance!

TNC Lock-up and Reward Program closed at the block height of 2148616 on April 15, 2018 with the hard cap reached. The locking address received 476 transactions in total. The Lock-up and Reward Program started at the block height of 2145188 (the block included). The first 5,000,000 transfers (with 10% reward) finished at the block height of 2145202 (the block included). The 5,000,000th to 15,000,000th transfers (with 7.5% reward) finished …
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“New Pose” for Cross-chain Transaction–TNC Cross-chain Converter

March 28, Berlin Trinity Foundation has always been breaking new grounds in the development of the Trinity Network. The TNC cross-chain asset converter, released at the Beilin Conference, marks a significant landmark in Trinity’s broader application. By using the TNC cross-chain asset converter, TNC can be converted to ERC20 (asset on Ethereum blockchain) from NEP5 (asset on NEO blockchain). We believe the conversion brings the following benefits. ERC20 TNCs can …
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What Is Trinity Cryptocurrency?

It is evident all of the existing cryptocurrencies can benefit from out-of-the-box scaling solutions. In the case of NEO, one of those projects is known as Trinity. This off-chain scaling solution has the potential to become a “lightning network” for NEO in the future. Trinity in a nutshell It is evident that even a cryptocurrency such as NEO can benefit from proper scaling solutions. This is especially the case if that …
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