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MultiBit HD Bitcoin Wallet Update Removes Excess Fees

There are multiple Bitcoin wallet solutions available for both computer and mobile users all over the world. Multibit HD is one of those wallet solutions gaining a bit of traction, and the team has released their new client. The most significant chance in this release is how transaction fees have been reduced, which many Bitcoin enthusiasts will enjoy. Also read: Decentralized Bitcoin and Fiat Exchanges Are Still A Utopian Dream …
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The Bitcoin Ecosystem is In Better Shape Than People Want You To Believe

It goes without saying there has been a lot of debates and discussions taking place in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency lately. However, various industry experts feel how everybody should calm down, as the situation is far less dire than imagined.There is no reason to think Bitcoin is losing momentum, let alone dying, simply because of a few misconceptions. Also read: Host Card Emulation is a Prime Example …
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