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Top 3 Blockchain Startups of 2016

The rise of cryptocurrencies, and especially the interest in Blockchain technology has put new startups in several VC funds’ crosshairs. There are an increasing amount of institutions who are putting aside skepticism towards digital assets. The introduction of cryptocurrency is slowly changing the way people use money. Blockchain technology uses a decentralized approach in which speed, efficiency, and fluidity are the main selling points. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be ever created, and …
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Top 4 Most Vulnerable Industries to Cyberattack in 2017

Every passing year the cyber security sector makes headlines in newspapers and media outlets. Almost all of them are bad, as the attacks on computer networks are becoming more sophisticated. In this article, we will show you the most vulnerable sectors in 2017. Nowadays high profile social media accounts have become a juicy target for hackers.  In 2016, more people than ever have suffered the pain of getting their online credentials …
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