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Tokenbox reveals latest Roadmap for 2018

Tokenbox ecosystem is advancing in a very rapid pace. After shaping and growing the team of blockchain and FinTech oriented professionals, Tokenbox revealed a renewed Roadmap that features further steps of creating the platform up until the end of 2018. As of now, the team is working on the “invisible” part of the platform, its very core, including the backend and stack development. May and June promise to be eventful …
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Tokenbox Quarterly Report: the team expects to start the platform in Q2

After taking some time off air and making final touches after the TGE, the Tokenbox Team issued a detailed report and shared highlights of what they have done since the beginning of 2018. First of all, in February Pavel Salas, former regional director for eToro social trading network, joined Tokenbox as CEO – check out the interview with him. Also, the executive team was enhanced with new CTO Maxim Lukutin, …
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Now there is an All-Purpose Solution for Fund Managers and Investors, Meet Tokenbox

BARCELONA,  — Addressing a major industry conference today in Barcelona, Viktor Shpakovsky, co-founder of  The Token Fund, a crypto asset investment vehicle, outlined the benefits he along with his colleagues are planning to bring to their new fund creation and management platform Tokenbox. Announced last week, the Tokenbox’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starts Oct. 24, but until now only few details of the venture have been released. Speaking at the …
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