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Digibot is A Powerful Telegram Bot For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Albeit a lot of people may not see the point of alternative cryptocurrencies, Digibyte is starting to make for itself in the gaming industry as of late. The developers have also created a Telegram bot, which will help people in obtaining more information about DGB. A wallet service will be coming in a future release as well, though. The Digibyte Telegram Bot Is Versatile In this day and age of …
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New Telegram Bot Lets Users Check Bitcoin Wallet Balances

It looks like more Bitcoin-related Telegram bots are coming to fruition in recent months. One of the most recent additions comes in the form of a Bitcoin address Balance Bot, which lets users check any wallet address’ balance. But some community members are questioning whether or not this service will be useful. The Bitcoin Address Balance Bot For Telegram To some people, it might sound very convenient to check their …
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Coinapult Brings Bitcoin To Telegram Users

A lot of different companies want to bring Bitcoin to the Telegram network, and Coinapult is the latest business to launch their solution. Tender Wallet Bot, as this feature is called, sits on top of the Telegram system and does not require users to install additional software. Also read: Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016 Is Almost Upon Us Coinapult Telegram Bot Social messaging applications are becoming more important to consumers all over …
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