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Bitcoin Trading: Price Analysis for 4/20

Sup brahs, Bitcoin is trying to get high on 4/20 hehe. Let’s take a look at this wedge pattern that seems to be giving bitcoin some juice. So, the idea with a wedge pattern is that price is making higher lows which shows that buyers are coming into the market and buying up the dips. Meanwhile, resistance is holding at the 226 price level. Eventually, price will smash into that …
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Bitcoin Trading: Price Analysis for 4/13

What’s up traders, Let’s start off our price analysis looking at the daily chart and plotting the 9 and 18 day EMAs. These two EMAs are tools that institutions and smart money use to measure the overall trend. When the longer term EMA (18 day) is on top of the shorter one (9), this signals a bear trend, and if the daily chart is showing signs of being bearish, it …
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