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Tap.Global Launches a Revolutionary Crypto App and Mastercard® approved Prepaid Card

We’ve been watching with bated breath as Tap.Global launches a revolutionary crypto app and Mastercard approved prepaid card. This new product enables users to both store, trade, and spend their crypto all from one centralized app. Tap is changing the game, and partnered with one of the biggest payment providers in the world.  The Tap app  Through the tap app, users can store a variety of crypto in the built-in …
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How tap Is Set To Revolutionise Crypto Trading

There is increased awareness in cryptocurrency trading which is reflected in the volume of trades that occur across exchanges on a daily basis. According to data from CoinmarketCap, over $57 billion worth of cryptocurrencies have been traded within the last 24 hours as at the time of writing. A large part of the trades that are responsible for this volume are happening across regular cryptocurrency exchanges with complex procedures and …
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