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Markets Down as Ripple Price Achieves $1.15

Amid a sea of red, Ripple (XRP) surges on. With Bitcoin and many altcoins experiencing downtrends, Ripple continues to surge. It is currently hovering at US$1.15, with a BTC value of over 7,000 satoshi. Just last month, Ripple was trading at US$0.20. After a surge last week of over 300%, XRP has continued its massive march upward. XRP is a token equipped to serve financial institutions, such as banks and payment providers. Ripple has over …
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Litecoin Approaches $200 in Monster Rally

Litecoin (LTC) has reacted to Bitcoin’s impressive surge earlier this week with a massive run of its own. With Bitcoin finally cooling down, Litecoin is approaching a 100% price increase in just 24 hours. Litecoin is now trading at just over .01 BTC, a price point which has historically been difficult to break through and remain at or above. The price of Litecoin is rapidly approaching US$200, and the coin …
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