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IBM and Stellar Team up for South Pacific Blockchain Banking Effort

Blockchain technology continues to make inroads in many different sectors as we speak. One of the companies actively exploring this technology goes by the name of Stellar. It is best known for trying to rival Ripple in the blockchain banking industry. The company is now actively partnering with IBM to promote the benefits of blockchain banking applied to cross-border payments. Stellar and IBM Make for an Interesting Partnership Although a lot …
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Ripple vs Stellar

There has been a lot of focus on both Stellar and Ripple over the past few days. Although both networks cannot be labeled as traditional cryptocurrency networks by any means, the technology is of great value to financial service providers. However, it is a bit unclear what the difference is between Stellar and Ripple are exactly. As it turns out, there are differences, but also a few similarities. 2. Stellar …
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What are Stellar Lumens?

There has been a strong focus on the Stellar Lumens tokens over the past few days. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts may know this initiative under the name of “XLM”, as that is how this unit is traded on various exchanges. However, there seems to be some confusion as to how these tokens are created or how they are supposed to be used. An Overview of Stellar Lumens It is quite interesting to …
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