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Steam Update Confirms Impending Bitcoin Integration

It has been coming for quite a long time now, but Steam officially announced the impending Bitcoin payment integration earlier today. After the code was initially discovered in a beta client release, it looks like the Bitcoin implementation is coming to fruition rather soon. Also read: Smsogram Offers Private Mobile Phone Numbers For Bitcoin Steam And Bitcoin Are Ready To Take Off In an announcement earlier today, Steam once again …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – TeslaCrypt

TeslaCrypt is just one of the many variants of Bitcoin ransomware to make waves among Internet users in 2015. As this malware was not based on any previous version of ransomware to make media headlines, it did bring something entirely new to the table to targeting gamers in particular. ¬†However, the number of infections and ransom funds paid remained relatively low due to this niche approach. Also read: Bitcoin Ransomware …
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Earning Bitcoin By Selling CS:GO In-Game Items on Steam

It is no secret that Bitcoin opens up a lot of opportunities for anyone in the world to make some extra income. Regardless of how old you are, Bitcoin can be used by anyone in the world, and in some cases, a small business can be created without too much effort. One post on Reddit details how a 16-year old in Malaysia has started his own small Bitcoin empire. Also …
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