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Chinese Scientists Successfully Teleport a Photon to Space

Teleportation has always been an interesting and controversial topic at the same time. Being able to transport an item -or a human- from point A to B instantly would beĀ amazing. Chinese scientists have successfully teleported a photon from Earth to a satellite over 300 miles away. It may not be the “trick” most people expected, but it shows teleportation is certainly possible. Photon Gets Teleported to Space It may notĀ sound …
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Retrofuturistic Dreams: Postponed, but Not Yet Failed

Humans love to look to the future with wonderment and awe. We love to imagine the crazy things that the future versions of ourselves will create, how we will eat, how we will travel, and how we will live our lives. You only need to look at the covers of old science magazines and publications to see the most ridiculous things that are not too far off from what we …
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Space Becomes The Next Cybersecurity Frontier

With all of the recent focus on cyber security on the enterprise level, it is not unlikely internet criminals will start taking their attacks to the next level. Satellites present a high=profile target for hackers and spreaders of malware, mainly because a satellite is usually managed remotely. Cyber Security On Satellites Matters Although it is very unlikely crypto-ransomware will make an appearance in space anytime soon, it is of the …
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