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The BitFury Group Begins Exploring Blockchain Software

Bitfury Group CEO and Co-founder, Valery Vavilov, announced today that Bitfury will be expanding the scope of its business activities into all sectors of the blockchain ecosystem. Vavilov explained that Bitfury’s success in the mining hardware industry has laid the groundwork for the company to start exploring the software aspect of the blockchain industry, “We are evolving our business to become a full service technology company.” he adds. Most recently, …
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WAVES Testnet Client Now Available

Digital currency enthusiasts will have heard of WAVES by now, as the project successfully raised US$2m through their ICO not too long ago. To keep the momentum going, the WAVES team announced the first client iteration is ready to be downloaded, and investors can explore what this platform has to offer on the testnet. Also read: MultiBit HD Bitcoin Wallet Update Removes Excess Fees WAVES Testnet Software Release For all …
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Collect Bitcoins Faucet Forces Users To Download Executable Software

It is not all that easy to run a Bitcoin faucet and make it stand out from the rest these days. Offering higher rewards will attract more visitors, but that business model might not be financially viable for extended periods of time. However, Collect Bitcoins is not taking a right approach either, as they want users to download a piece of software before they can start earning digital currency. Although …
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