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Microsoft Snatches Up LinkedIn For Over US$26bn

Despite LinkedIn dealing with a massive data breach not too long, the company is still attracting a lot of positive attention. So much even that Microsoft will acquire the company for US$26.2bn, all of which is to be paid in cash. The social network for professions will retain its brand and CEO, though. Microsoft Wants LinkedIn Very Badly This news comes as quite a surprise, as very few people were …
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Akasha is a Censorship Resistant Blogging Network

Akasha Project was unveiled on may the 3rd, created by one of Ethereum’s cofounder Mihai Alisie the venture seeks to create a social network on top of Ethereum’s Blockchain, using a technological stack comprised of IPFS, Electron, React, and Node.js.  The goal is to have a censorship resistant Social Network that also prevents the loss of the user’s data. Mihai Alisie is the CEO and founder of the Askaha project, …
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