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Dual-Mining Can Be A Very Profitable Business With Good Hardware

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who show an interest in mining at home have a few different options at their disposal today. One of the more particularly attractive options is to dual-mine Ethereum together with either Decred or Siacoin. Since all of these currencies use the same mining algorithm, there is very little code setup required to get started. Dual-Mining Can Be A Profitable Business The concept of mining multiple currencies at the …
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SIAcoin Technical Analysis for 05/25/2016 – 55 Satoshi Support Level Holding Up Price

Since SIAcoin started trading on Poloniex in September, 2015, the range between 38-40 Satoshi has acted as resistance about five times. On May 19th, the market finally broke above this big resistance range. It is recommended for every trader to be aware of the technical significance of this price range, as this area may act as a support buffer at some point in the future. While the SIAcoin exchange rate …
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SIAcoin Technical Analysis for 05/04/2016 – Price Breaks Above 21 Satoshi Pivot Zone

The SIAcoin cryptocurrency hit an all-time high of 42 satoshi during March, but price has been in a bear market since then. The 30 satoshi price level has seen quite a bit of action since the start of March. This level has acted a total of four times as resistance in the past two months, and once as support, on March 22. Now, the 16 & 21 satoshi price levels, …
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