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BitGo Launches Zero-Confirmation Bitcoin Transaction Service

Blockchain firm BitGo announced the launch of their “zero-confirmation” bitcoin payment service called BitGo Instant. Typically, bitcoin payments take some time to be confirmed on the network (between 10 minutes and 1 hour), which causes inconvenient delays for merchants and users. BitGo Instant solves this issue by using multi-signature wallets, where BitGo acts as co-signer of the transaction: “BitGo Instant wallets consist of 3 cryptographic keys: one held by BitGo, …
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Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service Platform Adds Several New Services

Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain-as-a-service program continues its expansion with the addition of several new tools and partnerships. Marley Gray, US Financial Director of Technology Strategy at Microsoft, announced the four new partnerships in a blog post: Bitcoin payment processor BitPay; private blockchain rewards program Manifold Technology; blockchain-based digital asset accounting/reporting software solutions provider LibraTax; innovative digital currency Emercoin. The addition of two new resources was also announced. ConsenSys’ C++ Ethereum stack …
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Streamium – A Decentralized Pay-As-You-Go Streaming Service

The massive distributed network of Bitcoin as a platform has great potential to facilitate online micropayments in the future of digital world. The decentralized payment network of Bitcoin allows instant transfer of value without an involvement of a third party taking fees in between. It’s only logical to extend the inexpensive financial protocol into providing alternative solutions for online monetizing strategies.In the future, where new business models will erupt to …
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