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India’s Worthless Banknotes Pile Up To Three Times The Size of Mount Everest

Every action in this world has an equal reaction, although some consequences are impossible to predict. Ever since India made 23 billion banknotes virtually useless, the question becomes what to do with these growing piles of cash. For some people, this also creates a new business opportunity, as eBay is flooded with “old” rupee notes–perhaps not the most collectible item, but certainly a piece of history. Stockpiling Worthless Banknotes Is …
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Reserve Bank of India Nudges Banks To Develop Blockchain Apps

India is quickly becoming an interesting country to keep an eye on when it comes to Bitcoin and blockchain. It is evident the region is focusing heavily on regulation, but the government also wants to explore the potential of blockchain applications. The Reserve Bank of India actively advises banks to study these opportunities further, which is an interesting change to keep an eye on. Reserve Bank of India Wants Blockchain …
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