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Blockchain Fatigue Starts To Set In Due To Buzzword Approach

Even though there seems to be a lot of positive focus on the future development of blockchain technology for real life use cases, there are still some people who need more convincing. At the same time, there are a lot of media misconceptions regarding the implementation of the blockchain, and creating a research group that is exploring the boundaries of this technology. Are we simply jumping the gun, or are …
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Combating Sciolism Through An App That Allows A Simplified Use Of Bitcoin

A very interesting utopia in today‚Äôs society refers to the fact that people from all around the world get access to the Internet and use online services of all sorts, but some actually have no idea on how that is achieved. For example, in Indonesia and in a couple of countries in Africa where this test was carried out, when groups were interviewed, they were excited to talk about how …
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