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Open Source Remote Access Trojan Targets Telegram Users

Remote access Trojans are mainly used to steal consumer data, either for consumers themselves or the conglomerate keeping this information safe from prying eyes. However, it appears criminals are looking at a different approach for these tools right now. A new open source remote access Trojan can now be used to extract data from the Telegram communication platform. Telegram Users Are Susceptible to New RAT Attack It is never a …
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US Tax Filers Are Targeted With Remote Access Trojans

Now is the most opportune time for cybercriminals to start targeting taxpayers. A new wave of remote access Trojans has been discovered, all of which are targeting tax filers. What is rather interesting is how these RATs are all Java-based, increasing the criminals’ chances of success. So far, it remains unclear how many people have fallen victim to this new wave of malware. Java RATS Deliberately Target Tax Filers It …
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Netwire Remote Access Trojan Steals Payment Card Data From Removable Storage

Payment card data is of great value to internet criminals all over the world. This information is rather easy to abuse, and the majority of systems protecting these details are vastly insecure. NetWire, a remote access Trojan, is makingĀ  waves once again. As a result of these renewed efforts, the criminals are shifting their attention to obtaining payment card data from all over the world. NetWire RAT Is Back With …
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