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R3 Consortium Welcomes Absa As First African Bank Partner

It has been a while since we last heard anything from the R3 consortium. Good news does not come in abundance, albeit the consortium is making some waves in the African region of the world. Absa is the first African bank to join R3’s efforts in the world of blockchain technology. This is quite an interesting addition, as South Africa has been relatively quiet on the blockchain front so far. …
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R3 Consortium planning to raise $200 million for new blockchain company

According to recent reports, it seems like the R3 Consortium, a financial innovation company, is planning to raise a total of $200 million from its partner banks. The funds are meant to be invested as equity stakes in a new company that will run blockchain applications, for various financial institutions. While the plans do seem quite ambitious, sources say that negotiations are already taking place and that R3 is planning …
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Bitcoin Ecosystem Starts To Recover As People See How Certain Individuals Are Expendable

Owning Bitcoin feels like riding a very expensive roller coaster at times, but that doesn’t make it less fun than being in a theme park. With the current Bitcoin price swinging up and down like there is no tomorrow, novice people are getting worried there will be no recovery anytime soon. Experienced Bitcoin users are enjoying the ride and the view, knowing that the ecosystem has already started its recovery …
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