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Brazil Trumps US In Fight Against Payment Card Fraud

When it comes to dealing with payment card transactions, fraud remains one of the key concerns for all retailers. Brazil has adapted to this challenge by introducing EMV payments back in 2011, as well as other fraud prevention tools. This same technology is only now rolling out to customers in the US, five years after the facts. Brazil is Well Ahead of Card Payment Fraud Depending on which country one …
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CEX.io Surpasses US$40m in Payment Card Deposits

CEX.io remains one of the world’s best-known Bitcoin exchanges, and they have surpassed the US$40m mark in deposits through Visa and MasterCard. This is quite a significant milestone for the company, as it goes to show consumers want to use convenient payment methods to buy Bitcoin. Another Milestone For CEX.io Late last night, news broke regarding CEX.io announcing they had surpassed the US$40m mark in fiat currency deposits through payment …
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