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Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act is Getting Some Changes

Alberta’s Privacy Commissioner, Jill Clayton reported seeing what she calls, an unprecedented number of online data breaches. These would fall under the province’s Personal Information Privacy Act. Attacks included phishing scams, e-commerce attacks, and ransomware. 15 committee members are currently reviewing the act, which received its last update in 2010. Wednesday the committee listened to suggestions from 10 different parties. Clayton was one of them. In an interview with Postmedia, …
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University of Kent’s Cyber Research Survey Shows How Big the Online Generation Gap Is..Or Isn’t

The University of Kent’s Cyber Security Center has released a study that shows the 5% of adults have browsed the dark net. It also shows that 1% said they have actually bought something on dark net. An even higher percentage of 14% of 18-24-year old’s said they have used dark net to buy things. Kent’s survey revealed that 4% of British adults were at one point, victims of ransomware. This …
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Technology Giants Rally In Support of Microsoft’s Battle Against the FBI

Major companies have been backing Microsoft lately, in its ongoing battle for privacy against the U.S. government. Microsoft has been fighting for months now, against federal agencies trying to obtain user details without their knowledge or permission. Now, big name companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have legally filed in support of Microsoft in court. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or ECPA, allows the U.S. government pretty much do as …
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