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OKCoin Removes Bitcoin Spot Trading Fees

The race to become China’s top Bitcoin exchange platform is heating up, as popular exchange OKCoin has announced zero fees on BTC/USD spot trading as of March 6th 2015. Not only will this decision aid in providing the best possible service to its customers, but it also gives OKCoin a very competitive edge over its competitors. Do keep in mind this fee change will only affect the USD Master Fee, …
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OkCoin Introduces Trailing Stop Orders

The recent launch of trailing stop orders by OkCoin makes them the first Chinese Bitcoin exchange to offer this tool for traders on their trading platform. Although there hasn’t been a formal announcement by OkCoin about this feature, a look at their international website confirms this new development. @OKCoinBTC @Cpzhao @flibbr @BitcoinBravo @BTCTooty http://t.co/3IrvMeBtpC OKCOIN JUST GOT TRAILING STOP ORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! — YoloBear (@BitbearYolo) January 9, 2015 What is a trail order? …
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Is OkCoin is the next Mt. Gox?

Ever since the massive Mt Gox debacle that took place earlier this year, Bitcoin exchanges have been subjected to high scrutiny by active traders in Bitcoin market. The collapse of Mt Gox was a serious deterrent to Bitcoin’s image in the mainstream media. The exchange that once conducted 70% of Bitcoin trading volume was a scam after all. Who’s to say that there isn’t another Mt Gox in the making? …
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