NVIDIA’s AI-driven Surveillance Camera Project Will Help Monitor Smart Cities

One of the primary purposes of an artificial intelligence is how it can take over tasks normally done by human beings. NVIDIA, a company best known for their ventures in the world of video cards and the NVIDIA shield, is currently working on an AI as well. Their project is designed to oversee smart cities through video surveillance. An interesting concept, assuming it is a viable idea. NVIDIA’s AI is …
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New AMD Video Card Fails To Comply With PCI-E Specifications

The global semiconductor company, Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) is the center of some critics, the company recently launched a new wave of Video cards (GPUs) that apparently, fails to comply with the PCI-E specifications, drawing an excessive amount of current from the motherboard slots. AMD and Nvidia are the two main companies behind the production of video cards -containing Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), the specialized hardware chips that process the images …
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