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Your Subreddit Usage Tells A Lot About Bitcoin Nodes

There seems to be an interesting correlation between the number of Bitcoin nodes in circulation and the amount of people using certain subreddits. It is no surprise most of the Bitcoin Core nodes belong to people who use /r/Bitcoin quite often. But how to these statistics hold up for other types of nodes and Bitcoin subreddits? Also read: PayPal Mobile Update Adds Better Android Security Bitcoin Subreddit Affects Node Choice …
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Bitcoin Node Owners Do Not Need Incentives

The Bitcoin network is only as strong as the number of miners and nodes supporting the protocol. At this time, there is no shortage of mining power pointed at the Bitcoin network, but the number of nodes remains fairly low in comparison. Some people feel more nodes would be active on the network if there were some reward for doing so. But isn’t being part of Bitcoin itself the biggest …
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Running a Bitcoin node just got cheaper with the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

If you always wanted to run a Bitcoin node but did not want to spend $40 plus shipping on a Raspberry Pi, fear not because an even cheaper alternative is here. Today, the UK based company released the Raspberry Pi Zero, a brand new model priced at only $5. It includes a 1Ghz processor along with a Micro SD slot, USB outputs, HDMI output, and a few other components which …
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