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Nigeria Offers A Vibrant Bitcoin Ecosystem

Bitcoin is becoming the next big thing in Nigeria by the look of things, as there is a growing demand for this cryptocurrency in the past few weeks. Part of this success comes due to economic policies by the Nigerian government, which is rather surprising. Why Is Bitcoin So Hot In Nigeria? Over the past twelve months, there has been a lot of talk regarding using Bitcoin in Nigeria. Foreign …
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NairaEx, The future Of Bitcoin In Nigeria

Nigerian Bitcoin exchanges have taken a new turn for the better as the launch of NairaEx has lead to to a much more stable and consumer friendly company taking the reigns over what has been a rough market for the country as of this year. NairaEx stomps into the scene offering blazing fast transactions, friendly customer service and most importantly some of the most competitive rates on Bitcoin purchases. Compared …
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BitStake Leading Bitcoin Trading Into A New Era ?

Bitcoins critics are quick to point out its quirks and irks when trading with the currency. However the BitStake trading platform is out to put a end to all that providing a unique and secure platform to match the needs of the everyday trader and even the seasoned trader. Whilst remittances might be the main product for others there is the trading platform. While in a early stage of development …
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