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Bitcoin Price Holds Firm, Major Gains Catapult NEO Into Cryptocurrency Top 10

Everything is looking calm and quiet in the world of cryptocurrency. That is a more than welcome change after many weeks of price volatility and uncertainty. The Bitcoin price is holding its own around the US$3,175 mark for the time being, whereas other currencies haveĀ noted some gains or small losses. Antshares, or NEO as it is known these days, is clearly the winner of the weekend with a 25.8% gain. …
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Can Antshares Become China’s Immutable Ethereum?

Blockchain technology will make a big impact on our society as a whole. How these changes will be introducedĀ is still uncertain. Various projects in the cryptocurrency space are working toward a similar goal. One of those projects is called Antshares, soon to rebrand to NEO. According to many people, Antshares is China’s Ethereum, but can it live up to the expectations? What Makes Antshares Even Worth Considering? NEO, or AntShares …
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