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NEON Developers Refute Claim Regarding NEO Wallet Bug

Fans of the NEO cryptocurrency may have noticed that last week’s uptrend has broken suddenly. In fact, it appears there is a lot of selling pressure across the exchanges supporting NEO. It seems some discussions on Reddit may be influencing the NEO price right now. At least one user has claimed that the NEON wallet changed the address to which they were sending money right before completing the transaction. The majority of the community …
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NEO Price Surpasses US$25 as Bitcoin and Ethereum Post Small Gains

Another day of trading is in the history books and things continue to look rather positive for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. More specifically, Bitcoin continues recording small gains every day, as does Ethereum. Other currencies such as Bitcoin Cash are still taking a beating, however. All things considered, cryptocurrency continues to gain momentum as we speak. If this trend keeps up, a total market cap of US$150b could be reached before the …
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