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Beware of MyEtherWallet Phishing Site Ads In Google Results

Phishing sites are nothing new in the Bitcoin world. Over the past few years, numerous fictitious Blockchain.info, Bitstamp, and Shapeshift websites have popped up. But it looks like internet criminals are shifting their attention to Ethereum right now, by creating malicious ads in Google for the MyEtherWallet service. Do Not Click The Malicious MyEtherWallet Link in Google It was only a matter of time until Internet criminals would attempt to …
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A Review of The Best Ethereum Wallets

Ethereum became the second cryptocurrency according to its market cap, its meteoric ascent proves that Vitalik Buterin’s invention is here to stay, in this article, we take a quick look at the best and most secure Ethereum wallets out there. Bitcoin and crypto lovers all around have seen Ethereum as an interesting platform that promises scalability, reliability and growth potential. Although most of ours readers are well versed when dealing with …
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