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Top 4 Music Compositions Created by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is perhaps one of the most intriguing forms of technology our society has seen in quite some time. Very few people are aware of what AI is capable of already, though. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence platforms have been responsible for creating various pop music songs. Although none of these tracks ever hit the billboards, it goes to show even musicians may be replaced by robots …
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Imogen Heap Talks Blockchain at TechCrunch Disrupt in London

The blockchain has already begun transforming the global financial landscape and many other industries are on the verge of being massively disrupted by this new technology. Imogen Heap, Grammy award-winning British musician and inventor of the Mi.Mu musical gloves, recently spoke at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in London regarding her views on the applications of the blockhain in the music business. Heap envisions that blockchain technology will usher in a …
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ClearTracks Starts Accepting Bitcoin

ClearTracks, an online music marketplace for independent artists, has integrated Bitcoin payments into their platform. ClearTracks has partnered with Coinbase, which will be processing digital currency transaction on their behalf. ClearTracks also integrated micro transactions via PayPal, which brings down transaction costs down to $0.06, which is still a big decrease from the traditional $0.30 cost that is charged by credit card processors. ‚ÄúTraditional payment processors charge a minimum of …
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