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Crypto Gambling Monster Byte ICO Sells Out

Yes another ICO sells out! Bitcoin is at an all time high and the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is over 138 Billion USD. ICOs are raising record amounts and at a speed that projects on Kickstarter or new start ups looking for traditional VC funding can only dream about. There is plenty of vaporware filling the bubble with hot air. How is Monster Byte different from the other ICOs? Monster Byte Inc. …
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Monster Byte ICO Nearly 80% Subscribed

The Monster Byte ICO General Sale opened up on July 6th and had such incredible demand the payment processor Monster Byte was using to accept altcoins could not sustain the heavy traffic and subsequently throttled Monster Byte’s API access within minutes of the ICO opening. Both teams were able to resolve this issue very early in the morning of July 7th. While this turn of events did subdue the ICO’s …
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Monster Byte ICO Presale Sells Out in Minutes

On July 3rd, the Monster Byte ICO presale sold out in under 5 minutes. Due to the strong demand in just several minutes, the presale was slightly oversubscribed. Investors purchased $207,449.28 worth of Monster Byte tokens with bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and waves. Monster Byte also reported that they received unprecedented interest and the payment provider was temporarily overloaded. Monster Byte is currently undertaking several technical measures to ensure that this …
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