Tag: Money Laundering

Trump’s Remittance Wall Idea Will Lead To More Money Smuggling

There has been a lot of talk about Donald Trump’s idea to block all remittance transfers from the US to Mexico shortly. While this makes an excellent case for Bitcoin, the Mexican government has issued a warning and hinted at potential repercussions. Make Bitcoin Remittance, Not War It does not come as a complete surprise to learn the Mexican government has not taken kindly to Donald Trump’s plan to build …
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Why Are Gold and Bitcoin Not Suited For Criminal Activity?

With all of the financial woes taking place all over the world, consumers and enterprises are starting to look for alternative forms of finance. Some people are even considering going back to hiding money under a mattress, but that is not the most secure solution. In fact, there is a bit of a discussion going on as to why “bad” people don’t put all of their money in precious metals, …
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