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Venezuela Faces 1,640% Inflation In Next 12 Months

It goes without saying the economic situation in Venezuela is anything but reassuring right now. The country has been plagued by food shortages and economic mismanagement, causing significant inflation. Experts predict inflation rates will soar to 1,600% in 2017, which is insane. But at the same time, this could be a turning point for Bitcoin. More Inflation For Venezuela In The Next 12 Months Living in Venezuela these days is …
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NATO Shows Interest in Military Applications of Blockchains

On the 25th of April, NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency released details regarding the 2106 Innovation Challenge, which provides a venue for innovators to showcase their state-of-the-art military-focused IT solutions. This year’s Innovation Challenge focuses on four categories: Cyber Defense, Internet of Things, Military application of Blockchains, Cognitive computing and machine learning. According to the release, NATO seems to have taken an interest in the application of blockchains in …
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