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This Mexican Startup Will Allow Customers to Buy Bitcoins In Grocery Stores

Zmart Group, a Mexican startup, announced that they will bring Bitcoin to their extensive network of cellphone top-up resellers, this will allow customers to buy Bitcoins at their local grocery store without the need for a credit card. In the present day, many ways to buy Bitcoins exists, from ATMs to P2P transactions, the wide availability of services and the increase of merchant adoptions has been a delight for many …
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Trump’s Remittance Wall Idea Will Lead To More Money Smuggling

There has been a lot of talk about Donald Trump’s idea to block all remittance transfers from the US to Mexico shortly. While this makes an excellent case for Bitcoin, the Mexican government has issued a warning and hinted at potential repercussions. Make Bitcoin Remittance, Not War It does not come as a complete surprise to learn the Mexican government has not taken kindly to Donald Trump’s plan to build …
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Bitso Seeks $2 Million to Develop Bitcoin Payment Infrastructure in Mexico

Bitso, a Mexico-based digital currency exchange, is close to finishing their $2 million funding round on the fintech crowdfunding platform, BnkToTheFuture. The Mexican exchange has managed to raise $1,952,182 from 58 backers, with 16 days remaining. According to Co-founder and President, Daniel Vogel, Bitso is the largest bitcoin exchange in the country. In the BnkToTheFuture pitch video, Vogel said that Bitso is one of the few startups attempting to build-up …
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