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Micro-trends suggest a new rise in Bitcoin price

State of Bitcoin 10 days ago on January 14th, Bitcoin hit a low of $162 as weak hands panic sodl. Since then, we have seen a dramatic shift in trends leading to a series of upward micro trends positioned inside of a larger macrotrend. Last month, we repoted on how hard the Bitcoin price was crashing and┬áreferenced how Elliot waves suggested that a trend reversal was coming soon. Elliot waves …
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Is Bitcoin’s uptrend coming to an end?

Will Bitcoin keep climbing? The latest price of Bitcoin as of now is $564 according to BTC-E. We were able to hit the mid 600’s untill Bitcoin suddenly dropped to below $600. What might have caused it? As a disclaimer the following is pure speculation and we are not responsible for any loss of Bitcoins, but it seems pretty obvious that the fact that the Marshalls are selling 30k Bitcoins …
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