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What is the Bitcoin Dominance Index?

There are quite a few intriguing metrics to determine the position of Bitcoin in the financial market. However, there is also such a thing called the Bitcoin Dominance Index. This “index” measures the market cap of Bitcoin compared to the overall market cap of all cryptocurrencies in existence. It is an interesting factor to look at, although it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story either. The Bitcoin Dominance Index In …
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Bitcoin Surpasses $725 Mark as Ethereum Surges Towards $20

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be keeping a very close eye on the Bitcoin and Ethereum prices right now. Both currencies are starting to pick up the pace again, after a day of mostly sideways action. With a 5.26 and 6.46% gain respectively, things are looking exquisite right now. But will this trend continue over the next few days? Soaring Values Are Cause For Excitement The past few weeks have been kind …
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