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Bitcoin Price Watch: We’re Almost at $9,000!

Bitcoin is allegedly entering a recovery phase, and is now trading for just under $9,000. Following two harsh weeks of negative sentiment from both Google and Twitter, bitcoin is once again showing an ability to surpass the latest resistance levels and spike through new territory. Many allege that a positive response to this year’s recent G20 summit has a lot to do with bitcoin’s recent “high.” While $9,000 doesn’t seem …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Rise to $8,800 – $9,000 Soon to Follow?

Bitcoin has endured an impressive price hike. After yesterday’s short jump to approximately $8,300, the currency has seemingly increased by over $500, and is trading at just under $8,900. It’s a nice bit of news for crypto advocates, and the coin could potentially be trading at $9,000 in just a matter of days. One source goes so far as to suggest the bitcoin bear run may have reached an official …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Another Jump Despite Clashing Factors

Bitcoin has enjoyed a small jump following yesterday’s monthly low. At press time, the coin is trading for just over $8,300 following a rough stint that saw it meandering at the $7,600 mark during the early hours of March 18. For every factor contributing to bitcoin’s rise, there seems to be one knocking it back. Originally hovering at around $8,500 during the morning of March 19, bitcoin’s price fell to …
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