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MAIDSafe Technical Analysis for 12/24/2015 – signs of support

MAIDsafecoin is back to early November levels before the rally up to 0.000049. The price is approaching some of the lowest levels seen by MAID. Whether its due to Bitcoin’s recent price surge or is a symptom of Altcoin’s decreasing popularity is up for discussion. However one fact is for certain, the development team is not slowing down and continues to work on improving the code. Currently, the maidsafe team …
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Decentralized Web Services

Decentralized Internet Services We live in a world where Internet has opened flood gates of opportunity for millions of people today. The dream of an Information Superhighway where anyone will be able to participate is now a reality. But, an impending doom still surrounds the core principals of the Internet. Despite the recent advancements in the protocol, it still remains vulnerable to attacks and intrusion by governments and corporations of …
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