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Lisk Price Approaches $10 as Market Cap Surpasses $1B

While most people are keeping a very close eye on the top cryptocurrencies, interesting things are happening outside of the top 10 as well. The Lisk price has seen a pretty solid run over the past few months and it’s now inching closer toward that $10 target. Its market capitalization has also surpassed US$1 billion for the very first time, which is pretty interesting. Cryptocurrencies as a whole continue to …
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Lisk Price Reaches a New All-Time High of $7.27

With so many people focusing their attention on the main cryptocurrencies these days, one would almost forget that other coins and assets appreciate in value as well. Sitting justĀ outside of the top 10, Lisk has been making a lot of waves over the weekend. With the Lisk price increasing to nearly US$7 out of the blue, there is a lot of speculation taking place. Thanks to a growing trading volume, …
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