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What is Blockchain?

One of the most often asked questions people come across these days has nothing to do with Bitcoin directly. Instead, people ask themselves “What is blockchain? Not a blockchain, or THE blockchain, but the concept in general. As banks are trying to show the world, the concept of blockchain applies to traditional finance, although there are other use cases out there. But what is blockchain? Also read: Bitcoin Ransomware Education …
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Former IMF Official Joins Ledger Editorial Board

Peer-reviewed digital currency academic journal Ledger, has announced the appointment of Dr. Kumhof to its editorial board. Michael Kumhof boasts an impressive resume with ample experience in government affairs, academic research and corporate banking. Dr. Kumhof is currently a Research Advisor in the newly-formed Research Hub at the Bank of England. “His main research interests include monetary reform (including digital currencies), the role of banks in the macro-economy, and the …
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Bitcoin startup Ledger to participate in CES 2016

Recent reports indicate that the Smartcard bitcoin hardware wallet known by the name of Ledger will be the only bitcoin startup to participate in the well-known International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 (CES). For those that do not know, the event encompasses of over 3,600 companies, exhibiting their latest creations, including exiting software, hardware and prototypes. Over at the event, the team behind the Ledger wallet will showcase their bank and …
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