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Cryptocurrency Lending Platform Lavenir Announces Partnership with Merrill Lynch

Lavenir is one of the latest projects to hit the cryptocurrency world that launched its ICO on April 4. With the ICO price set at 1 Ethereum (ETH) being equal to 1000 Lavenir (LVR) tokens. Early investors are also able to receive a variety of bonuses through the ICO. It is a lending platform which aims to connect cryptocurrency investors with financial experts and experienced traders in order to grow …
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Lavenir, the cryptocurrency lending platform will launch its ICO on April 4

Lavenir is the latest addition to the cryptocurrency world that is going to begin its ICO on April 4 and conclude on May 4. It is all set to bring a new revolution into the market by digitizing the lending process. Lavenir, the newly launched cryptocurrency lending platform is going to launch its ICO on April 4, 2018, that will last until May 4, 2018. The value of one Ethereum …
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