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Karma – Decentralized Lending Without Borders

Traditional banking brings borders, regulations and limitations, but the P2P lending platform completely changes the concept of this financial sector. But how does P2P lending achieve the goal of borderless loans? Karma has the answer with decentralized lending without geographic borders. The core of the Karma ecosystem are the people who live in the different areas of the world, making cross-border operations essential to this platform. Karma gives the ability …
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Blockchain Lending Services Karma and MicroMoney Announce their Strategic Partnership

Singapore, 20 October 2017. – Blockchain lending services providers MicroMoney and Karma announce their strategic partnership today. MicroMoney, a global fintech company and a market pioneer blockchain credit bureau, and Karma, a global transcend p2p-scoring blockchain platform, have signed an agreement allowing them both to receive benefits from their user networks and technologies. According to the agreement, Karma now can use MicroMoney’s unique scoring system based on AI algorithms and neural …
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