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IOTA Price Reaches New All-Time High of $2.40

Cryptocurrency markets are always evolving in interesting directions. Whereas most people are keeping an eye on Bitcoin or Ethereum, the IOTA price is surging to record highs on a regular basis as well. Right now, one MIOTA is valued at US$2.40, which is a massive gain from a month ago. No one knows for sure how high the IOTA price can go, but there are plenty of concerns regarding this being a …
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IOTA Price Drops by 16% Against Both USD and BTC

A lot of cryptocurrencies have undergone pump cycles over the past few weeks. Whenever such events take place, it is only a matter of time until a price correction sets in. In the case of IOTA, the correction is taking place right now. As a result, we’ve seen the IOTA price decline by over 16% in the past 24 hours. After the initial run-up to US$1 per token, the value of MIOTA is …
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IOTA Price Surpasses $0.57 Thanks to Large Pump, Low Volume

Things have developed in a rather interesting direction for IOTA as of late. When this currency was initially launched, things looked promising right off the bat. However, ever since this altcoin reached its all-time high of just over US$1 per MIOTA, things have taken a turn for the worse. Right now, the IOTA price is up by 33.56% since yesterday, which is pretty significant. This massive pump may run out of steam eventually, …
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