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BitConnect Is Preying on New Investors

Since BitConnect (BCC) rose to the top echelons of CoinMarketCap’s chart several months ago, it has received much skepticism from the mainstream cryptocurrency community. Despite this, it has maintained a huge market cap, seldom dipping below the top 20 coins, and seems to be continually growing. It’s clear that BitConnect, which promises daily returns of around 1% for users who “loan” money by locking it up in BitConnect’s systems for a predetermined period of time, is …
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Surging Bitcoin Price Is Appealing To Chinese Depositors

It has been a pretty stellar weekend for Bitcoin enthusiasts all over the world so far, as the price keeps going up and there is no end in sight. Albeit some resistance has been made at an earlier peak, the Chinese market keeps driving the demand for Bitcoin to new heights. China Remains Very Bullish On Bitcoin Any significant Bitcoin price swing always seems to originate from China, and it …
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